Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunnyvale is Under Siege! Let's Send the Criminals a Message. Sunnyvale Residents Fight Back!

I believe people should use extreme caution with firearms. If there are children in your house, you must keep them locked in a safe at all times.

However, for adults living alone, having a gun available when you're home is a good idea.

Sunnyvale is under siege! Burglaries have doubled in the past year, thanks to our pro-crime Mayor (and our pro-crime President).

I personally don't own a gun, but I support letting my neighbors who choose to, own a gun and responsibly keep it ready to use in their homes.

Gangs of criminals have been canvassing our neighborhoods

and breaking in to houses.

If nobody's home, it's "just" a burglary--that the Sunnyvale Police doesn't seem too eager to solve for political reasons.  But if a person happens to be home, these burglaries can become rapes, kidnappings or murders.

The pictures to the left are of some men, posing as "magazine salesmen" who would enter Sunnyvale homes if nobody answered the door. As of today, they are still at large. Our Police have refused to catch them.

They were caught on someone's nanny cam.

Just think how many more of them will be storming our neighborhood if they knew that nobody was armed!

Do you want these people murdering your wife and kidnapping your children? Then vote NO on Measure C!

Don't let criminals own Sunnyvale!

Protect your family from predators.

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